ABOUT US:  One Stop / One Solution


Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company was established in 2002 by Grant Roberts, Sr who had worked as a service manager for another representative firm for over 30 years.  Unfortunately, in 2004 he passed unexpectedly and his son Grant Roberts, Jr., (who also worked in the industry since he was 14 years old), came over to help his Mother Joyce Roberts (Retired in 2012), continue the business.  It was at that time RME began it's transformation from a service company to a full factory representative firm.  The foundation of support and service continues to drive the company philosophy and core values.  


We proudly advertise our core values as "Customer First", "Team Work Makes the Dream Work", and "Unquestionable Integrity".   Values we welcome you to call us out on and that all of our employees embrace as the core of everything we do.

Finger pointing is welcomed here. Our solutions include everything you need to optimize and properly design your projects. As a result, we offer the longest warranties in the industry guaranteeing a satisfied customer and a great reputation for all!



All of your boiler needs are covered. From traditional cast iron to exclusive stainless steel fire or water tube, we have it all. Coil type 600HP Ohio Specials or 2000HP water tube steam boilers all have a home here. We've sought out and directly represent the top manufacturers of small commercial hydronic boilers to the largest industrial process boilers.



More than a vent pipe, we size, optimize, and guarantee a vent system that meets code, installs easily, and provides the contractor with exactly what he needs. Every vent includes full drawings, and complete appliance specific engineering calculations backed by the best and most experienced manufacturers in the world!

Water Heaters

You have to be able to rely on the best domestic hot water solutions and we have them. Applications can vary from dedicated tank type solutions to instantaneous supply. We represent everything you need to give your customer the optimum domestic hot water plant!

Industrial Make up Air

Boilers aren't always the solution. Our experts know how to apply 99% efficient direct fired air when it's the better solution. We specialize in building pressurization, air rotation, and most make up air solutions that can help you clean up a sick building and enjoy energy savings that pay for the project.



We represent the innovators of 'on demand' ventilation. Impressive energy savings can be immediately experienced when you apply 'on demand' ventilation to toilet, kitchen, and clothes dryer exhaust. We can provide complete design, drawings, and calculations as well as energy saving surveys.


System Accessories

The best way to fail expensive mechanical equipment is to ignore the important system accessories. We are experts at applying proper system care to your project to assure the longevity and performance of our equipment. In fact, when you do, we nearly DOUBLE the warranty of that equipment. Air removal, filtering, proper pumping, proper expansion, optimum heat exchange, and integrated controls are all key to a successful project and we represent them all!



No representative can integrate a complete system the way we can. We represent control packages that completely integrate and customize an entire industrial steam plant. We also concentrate on optimizing a commercial hydronic plant with our on board network controls. We offer complete 24/7 monitoring of your hydronic plants (specific manufacturers) free for the first year! Who does these things?


Steam Plant Components

We directly represent great manufacturers of DA systems, feed systems, surge tanks, blow down separation, steam heat recovery, feed water valves, steam separators, and much more. Most important, we integrate the entire steam plant giving your customer all first party manufacturers, not name branded shared responsibility.


We have the best repairable stack economizers in the industry. More important, we also have the most innovative stack heat recovery systems you've ever seen. Have one of those 'good 'ol traditional boilers' that work fine but are only 80% efficient? We can recover heat from even the oldest atmospheric boilers and turn those reliable boilers into 90% plus efficiency! Another exclusive you have to hear more about!