Compliment your project with quality accessories

Adding quality ancillary equipment assures years of solid operation and often extends your boiler warranty!


    Spirotherm manufacturers the highest quality, most efficient and most effective air and dirt separators in the industry.  We are so confident in that, when you add one to your project we extend the warranty of your boiler by 6 additional months parts and labor.  This takes you into the start of an additional heating season!

    Spirotherm, Inc. manufacturers the industry leading high efficiency Spirovent® coalescing type air elimination products and its extended line of Spirotrap® dirt separators. A wholly owned subsidiary of Spiro Enterprises, Inc. , they have been developing and manufacturing products to improve water quality in the HVAC industry for almost 40 years. Sizes from 3/4” to 36” pipe, flows to over 30,000 GPM for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.


    Protecting the investment in high efficiency boilers, chillers, and other system components requires the fluid to be distributed efficiently. Eliminating air and dirt does away with many maintenance items that have been considered routine, saves energy, and improves overall system performance and heat transfer. We support a network of factory trained sales offices across North America, each with a staff of qualified sales and application professionals who can demonstrate how Distribution Efficiency will protect those investments


    Air and/or Dirt Separators

    Hydraulic Separators

    Automatic Air Vents

    Custom built and designed units

  • ROTH

    Need radiant heating on your project?  Look no further as Roth manufacturers and designs both in floor heating systems, snow melt systems, or plumbing systems that make your project that much easier.

    A family owned company, ROTH Industries is justly proud of an extensive corporate footprint that extends from its founding location in Germany to subsidiaries and sales offices throughout Europe, the Far East, South America, the US, and Canada.


    The company's manufacturing facilities cover nearly a million square feet, including the principal plants in Germany, which are located in Buchenau (Hessen), Hanweiler (Saarland), Bischofswerda (Saxony), Datteln (Nordrhein Westfalen), and Tudela in Spain.


    Our stringent quality control and quality assurance standards, coupled with our concern for using environmentally-friendly heating systems and energy sources have been key to our success in the various international markets that form our global customer base.


    Current annual revenues are in excess of US$250 Million. Such recognized success in designing and implementing high-performance systems for energy production, storage, and distribution, harnessing state-of-the-art heating energy and plastic material-processing technologies, is a reflection of the nature of ROTH Industries.

    Offering (In our Line):

    Snow Melt Systems

    Radiant Heating Systems

    Pex-C Plumbing Systems


    Everything you need to complete your steam projects or heat transfer applications.   Thermaflo is one of the true experts in the steam biz!  DA, Feedwater, Blow down separations,  heat exchangers and so much more.  One stop responsibility will pull your steam project together. 

    ThermaFlo Incorporated began providing customers solutions in 1986 with simple steam fired hot water heaters and condensate return systems utilizing our hands on field experience. Unlike many manufacturers, we started out selling, engineering, and maintaining equipment in the field before we actually began building our own. These many years of working with steam and hot water systems provided us with first hand experiences that allowed us to hone our skills.

    Simply, we know how to manufacture equipment that works and can provide years of maintenance-free service to, “The Customer”. The many hours that we have spent starting-up, troubleshooting, engineering, and maintaining steam boiler-feed water, and steam fired hot water systems goes into every standard unit or custom product that we now build.

    ThermaFlo Incorporated also has on-site survey and energy audit teams with over 35 years of field experience to save you energy and enhance your steam process.


    DA (spray, tray, and spray/tray) packages

    Feed Water Systems

    Steam to Water Heaters

    Heat Exchangers

    Control Valves

    All Steam Accessories


    Heatsponge is the highest quality, easiest to maintain high efficiency stack economizer in the industry.  It's manufactured so you will never have to replace it, but can easily repair it fast and easy without welding. 

    Boilerroom Equipment, Inc (BEI), a division of Thermal Energy International, engineers and manufactures ASME pressure vessels for many different industries.


    We are best known as the innovators behind the HeatSponge brand of boiler economizers, the most modern steam boiler economizer available to global industry today.  Our innovations are unmatched:

    Compression-fit tubes for ease of maintenance with no ASME code welding required


    Removable rear door for full access to inside of unit


    Tubes, fins, and casing available in carbon and a variety of stainless steel materials for maximum flexibility in application


    Capable of both conventional and condensing operation


    Inlet and outlet gas transitions integrated into the one-piece fully  insulated casing provides for fast installation


    We also engineer and fabricate wet and dry steam accumulators.


    Steam Boiler Economizers

    Hot Water Boiler Economizers

    Wet Steam Accumulators

    Dry Steam Accumulators


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