Category I Boilers and Water Heaters

There is still a strong need in the industry for a category I boiler.  While efficiency is capped at 85%, they can easily vent in existing chimney's or about any negative venting system using B-vent.  The models are usually the most economical.  



    Yes, this is the same great product as the 88% efficient model but certified as a Category I (85%).   

    RBI recognized the need for a higher technology boiler that could still be installed in a Category I application (Negative Vent).  

    The Futera III unit ordered as a Cat. I will come with reduced turndown ratios and 85% efficiency listing, BUT you still get the HeatNet control platform and all of it's benefits.

    Just like it's sister boilers (Futere II or Fusion) This boiler is also equipped with an independent Honeywell 7800 Series flame safeguard.  Very rarely will you find this layer of safety in any other brand.  The Honeywell 7800 Series is tried and true, easy to find at any wholesaler, and a leader in flame safety for over 25 years!  

    Offering (In our Line):

    XLF sizes range from 2500-5000MBH

    FIII sizes range from 500-2000MBH

    Full 3:1 Turndown Modulation

    HeatNet/HeatNet Online Equipped

    Listed Category I vent approved



    The Futera II boiler was the start of a great line of RBI products.  Economical, very small footprint, and still 85% efficient with a down fired type cylindrical burner design.    

    Futera II Series hot water supply boilers provide dependable boiler performance with 85% efficiency levels, alongside industry-leading NOx levels of less than 10 ppm. With sizing that ranges from 500 to 1,950 MBH, the Futera II provides a high concentration of BTUs in a small footprint, making it an excellent choice for jobs where mechanical space is limited, as well as other modular, step-fired boiler applications.

    The Futera II’s compact, low maintenance boiler and venting flexibility permit easy boiler installation and service, making it the ideal non-condensing, gas-fired boiler and hot water heater for any hot water supply application. Futera II units have the ability to use room air for combustion and are also capable of drawing in air from the outside for sealed combustion.


    Units can be set up to vent vertically as Category I appliances or horizontally as Category III through a sidewall, making the Futera II ideal for buildings without chimneys, where roof penetrations cannot exist or on electric-to-gas conversions.

    Offering (In our Line):

    Sizes from 500-2000 MBH

    Single stage or 2 stage firing

    Cast iron or bronze headers

    Honeywell 7800 Series FSG

    Category I (vertical venting)

    Category III (through wall venting)



    Economical 85% efficient horizontal copper fin boiler or water heater in sizes from 300 - 2100 MBH.  Tight space?  Rack them one on top the other with the RBI racking system.    

    The Dominator Series from RBI, with sizing from 300 to 2,100 MBH, offers the ultimate flexibility in boiler and water heater application, all at a competitive price. With efficiencies nearing 85.1%, the Dominator has one of the highest efficiency levels available in non-condensing boiler and water heater market. Capable of operating using mechanical room air for combustion or by drawing outside air directly as a sealed combustion product, the Dominator can vent combustion gases vertically or horizontally with factory equipped draft-inducer kits.

    In commercial boiler applications where mechanical space is limited, the Dominator's stackable frame option allows units to be stacked two-high, adding valuable BTUs while keeping the footprint to the size of a single unit. In addition, the Dominator provides up to four stages of firing, allowing the boiler to match the heating load more closely.

    And with built-in serviceability features, including a slide out heat exchanger, contractors no longer need to remove the heat exchanger for service or repair, which, when coupled with high efficiencies, makes the Dominator a cost-saving option for any boiler application.


    Sizes from 300 to  2100MBH

    85.1% efficiency

    2 stage or 4 stage firing

    Category I venting (vertical)

    Category III venting (horizontal) 



    Spun off of the Dominator, this unit is slightly less efficient and is equipped with basic controls and features.

    The LCD Dominator Series offers a competitively priced indoor/outdoor boiler and hot water heating unit that meets low NOx requirements, while maintaining superior performance and serviceability that RBI is known for. The LCD provides dependable performance in a wide range of rugged environments and process applications with a wide 400 to 2,300 MBH range.

    At the heart of the unit is a sealed combustion chamber that provides the flexibility of using either outside air or mechanical room air for combustion. Providing better performance while being priced in line with atmospheric boilers on the market, the LCD features smaller vent sizes, resulting in lower boiler installation and operation costs.

    The LCD features a robust, compact design that is constructed with high-quality materials, which, when paired with a proven pilot ignition system and a wide variety of venting options, makes this unit one of the most dependable non-condensing boilers in the commercial boiler market.


    Sizes from 400 - 2300MBH

    Single stage or 2 stage firing

    Category I (vertical)

    Category III (horizontal)

    84% efficiency 


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