7370 Northfield Road Walton Hills Ohio 44146


November 1, 2019

The Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company (RME) is proud to announce it is moving to Walton Hills, Ohio.

This will be only the third facility in over 17 years for RME, each getting bigger to keep up with the companies growth.

The new facility will feature a 50 seat training center with all new technology.  "It is our goal to provide Northern Ohio with the very best training in the industry.  Understanding our equipment and application process is key to our success and being able to provide this to our customers, partners, contractors, and engineers in such a modern and spacious setting just furthers our investment in this marketplace." said Grant Roberts (President/Owner). 

Plans are in the works for a complete  and consistant training schedule offering a wide veriety of topics and dates.  They are targeting twice a month begining the second quarter of 2020.  


Additionally the new facility has been completely remodeled, and includes 5500 sqft. of office space.  There are two loading docks in their warehouse and they plan to offer their contractors a recieving service where thier tech's can completely check in the equipment and store it until they are ready to pick it up.


RME looks to stay at this location for at least 10 years stating that there is plenty of room to continue their amazing growth and nearly unlimited parking available.   The official address will be 7370 Northfield Road, Walton HIlls, OH 44146. Phone numbers and email address will remain the same.   They are targeting December 1st to be completely moved in and look to have an open house shortly after.