Refurbished Equipment - (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

At times we buy back equipment being removed from a job site that we are confident operates well.  When we do, our tech's test and check the units to be sure they are ready to go.  We replace key safety items such as relief valves and high limits.  You will always get the balance of the manufacturer's warranty as well as one year parts and labor from us!



We had four of these units and three quickly sold.  This is the last one available.   Units were running well before they were removed from a school system.  WE have refurbished them with a new relief valve and sensors.  Controls have been updated.  Unit is roughly 9 years old and comes with the balance of the 20 year heat exchanger warranty.   Jackets are in great shape. 2000MBH (INPUT) Condensing cast iron boiler.


This is where the next refurbished equipment will be listed.