RME invests heavily in the training and education for our technical service staff.  Our tech's are factory trained and commission nearly 150 peices of major equipment per year.   They are expert diagnostic techs and know exactly what is needed to repair or maintain your equipment.  As a result, they are talented working on any boiler room equipment.  Our services are plentiful, and they are extended to our partner contractors as well.  Call us today to learn more about any of these amazing services.


Sharing our experience only makes us better and as proof of that we have invested in a 1500 sqft training center in our new corporate offices opening the first quarter of 2020.   We offer many different training opportunities. Design concepts, proper application, operation, code compliance, factory certification, end user (owner) training, and system design are only a small sampling of the experience we are willing to share. The better you are, the better we are!


The word 'Start Up' leads you to believe a guy can flip a switch, check the voltage and walk away. Not here! All of our equipment is offered with a complete commissioning service. We register the paperwork for you and check all of the operational variances that could occur. Our techs are all certified by the manufacturer and are the best in the biz!

System Care

Are we interested in signing an expensive service contract to change your filters? NO! What we are interested in is our equipment exceeding your expectations. We know for that to happen, the system has to be properly treated and maintained. Our techs are all trained to test and understand your system water chemistry as it relates to our installed equipment requirements. We are not a treatment company, however we do make sure your system was cleaned properly and chemistry is within a range that won't fail our boiler.  When we clean and treat your system it is done with our own Sentinel product.   This product is specifically developed to treat hydronic systems as they have for over 40 years in Europe.  The care is among the most effective in the market and is guaranteed to meet the requirement of your equipment.  Call to get your system tested today! 

Warranty Service

Manufacturers give you a year of 'parts' warranty. Our company warranties your labor for AT LEAST one year.  We are highly responsive to your calls and when we arrive, we arrive as a representative of you.  We will get your problem solved, then work to get our manufacturer to cover that work!  It's not always a defect, or a problem that is warrantable, but we will do our best to get it covered. Buy one of our system protection components such as a Spirotherm air/dirt separator, or a system care cleaning, or a thermostatic FPE valve with your boiler and we will extend your warranty up to two years at NO COST. Warranty = confidence and you'll find we have some of the longest in the industry when you use our products.  Our warranty service is 'in house' and will not be subcontracted.   It makes a big difference when a representative performs their own work instead of worrying about paying someone else too.  


We warehouse a full inventory of key parts for all of our manufacturers. We know it's important that you have access to parts for your new equipment. Additionally, we offer heavily discounted, tailored spare parts packages 'that make sense' for the end user.  Because we represent over 25 manufacturers, we have access to great pricing, factory direct on nearly any mechanical room parts you may need.  Call today for a quick quote.


Once again RME has taken this to a new level.  Our new offices (Opening December 1) include two full size leveler receiving docks.  If you ever received major equipment that was missing parts or damaged in places you didn't think to check, you will love this low cost service.  We are willing to receive the equipment you purchase from us at our warehouse.  We will check it in, be sure the order is complete, and inspect the equipment for you.  We will make the calls if anything is wrong, or provide you a condition report clearing the order.  We can store your equipment up to 30 days for you and load it onto your truck when you need it.  Who does that?


Ask about our custom maintenance programs.  These programs are designed to give you 'exactly' the amount of service necessary to keeping your equipment running reliably and efficiently.  No more, no less. 


If you have a HeatNet enabled boiler, we can get you on line and you'll be able to monitor your boiler room from anywhere.  Trending helps us to cut off serious problems and you'll know when something is wrong.  Watch the HeatNet on line video in our video library.


Be sure to check back often for training opportunities.  We want all our partners and end users to be as self sufficient as possible.  Knowing the optimized operation of equipment will assure you a long lasting boiler and burner.