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A Little Bit About Us

Established in 2002, Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company is your one-call provider for boiler and mechanical room equipment. From equipment to service, we do it all.

Mission & Values

Company Mission:

Delivering creative solutions, guaranteed results, and unrivaled support.

Company Values:


A single word with so many meanings and we MUST satisfy every single one of them. Our partners shall know that we are reliable, dependable, honest, full of integrity, honorable, principled, truthful, ethical, virtuous, incorruptible, steadfast, constant, unwavering, tried and true, guaranteed, and reputable. We will settle for no less than this reputation and expect the same from our partners, manufacturers, vendors and customers.

Say It, Do It, Mean It!

Integrity is not an aspirational goal we use to close a deal. Our co-workers, vendors, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and customers rely solely on the words we speak. We must walk the talk everyday of our existence. Our words are our promises, and our expectation is we live up to every word as will our partners! This applies to the most menial task as well as the most challenging of situations.

Family Values

We shall only associate and partner with those we consider a member of our family. As family we shall work hard and sacrifice what’s needed to celebrate unified success within the structure and values that are our Roberts Mechanical Equipment family! We treat everyone we work with as family!


Our Specialties 


We represent a wide range of boiler manufacturers that produce everything from small commercial hydronic boilers to the largest industrial process boilers. We offer traditional cast-iron models, stainless-steel fire-or watertube models, and more. When you need a 600 HP Ohio Special or a 2,000 HP watertube steam boiler or anything in between, call us.

Venting & Ventilation

You can rely on Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company for venting and ventilation systems that meet your needs. We can provide you with designs, drawings, and calculations for a vent system that meets code and installs easily for your contractor. Be sure to ask us about innovative on-demand systems that save energy and cut costs.

Water Heaters

Turn to us for energy savings and air solutions that help you clean up a sick building with building pressurization and air rotation. We have dedicated tank-type solutions, instantaneous supply options, and other designs that optimize your hot water plant.

System Accessories

With the proper care and maintenance, a piece of equipment may work long beyond its warranty and expected end date. We offer a wide variety of system accessories that help you provide excellent system care: air removal, filtering, proper pumping, proper expansion, optimum heat exchange, integrated controls, and more.


With the right control package, you can integrate and customize an entire industrial steam plant. We represent control packages that optimize your plant with onboard controls, and we offer full 24/7 monitoring of your hydronic plants through specific manufacturers for the first year.

Steam Plant Components

We've partnered with top manufacturers to provide you with first-party DA systems, feed systems, surge tanks, blow-down separation, steam heat recovery, feedwater valves, steam separators, and much more. Let us help you build and maintain your steam plant.

Stack Economizers

Inefficiency is one of the biggest challenges facing our industry, but we've worked hard to offer you the best repairable stack economizers with the most innovative stack heat recovery systems. If your boiler is hitting 80% efficiency, we may be able to bring it up to 90% or better.

When You Work With Us, You Get...

Quality Equipment, Intelligent Application, & Absolute Value

Grant's Promise

"Our Solutions will work or we will make them work at our expense!” 

Our Partners

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