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Engineer, Contractor, & Technician Boiler Training

Our Training Facility


Get Long-Term Savings by Investing in Training

At Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company, our goal is to make our partners as independent and self-sufficient as possible. You can always rely on us for prompt service for our equipment, but when your technicians know how to maintain it and perform minor repairs, you save money.


We offer a variety of training programs that equip you and your team with the knowledge you need to get the most out of the heating products we sell. When you invest in boiler training Cleveland, OH business owners recommend, you save time and money.


  • Design engineers

  • Contractors — Reduce your installation cost and return visits while becoming an expert on the equipment you install for long-term, reoccurring service revenue.

  • Facility operators — Lower your operational cost by learning to maintain equipment for years of efficient operation. Knowledge will also reduce or eliminate unnecessary service calls and the cost associated with unneeded labor or parts.

We offer a wide range of training for contractors, technicians, city managers, school managers, project managers, and anyone with a need to understand their HVAC and boiler systems. A high percentage of our programs qualify you for continuing education units (CEUs).


  • Independent design and application training

  • Manufacturer-direct training

  • Specific "how to care for" owner training

  • Service training

  • Conceptual and energy training

  • In-depth combustion, control, and diagnostic training

  • Code training

Some of the Best Local Training in the Tri-State Area

A Fully Equipped, High-Tech Training Center

We've been expanding the training center in our corporate offices to provide more people with better education.


Phase I (complete)

  • 60-person training room

  • High-end technology screens

  • Dedicated training network server

  • Independent Wi-Fi

  • High-tech audio and visual equipment

  • Parking sufficient for substantial class sizes


Phase II (expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2022)

  • Equipment lab with boilers and components to provide hands-on training

Ready to Start Your Training?

Let us know how we can help you meet your training needs! To learn more about boiler training Cleveland, OH technicians and contractors rely on, contact Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company today.

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