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Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Parts Direct

To excel as a factory representative, direct access to factory parts and technical support is essential. By purchasing parts directly from us, you can save up to 70% compared to wholesale or distributor pricing. Our diverse line card ensures competitive prices for common combustion-related components. Need a part for a burner, boiler, air handler, pump, or valves? Consult with us first!


Additionally, we have in-house trained and certified combustion experts who can talk you through the process or service, install, or maintain your equipment. Their expertise ensures highly efficient service, resulting in fewer billable hours per call.  All our services are guaranteed.

Great Prices on the Parts You Use Most Often

Burner Components:
  • Solenoid gas valves

  • Motorized gas valves

  • N.O. vent valves

  • Flame safeguards

  • Flame scanners

  • Amplifiers

  • Ignition transformers

  • Spark electrodes/wires

  • Linkage joints

  • Flame amplifiers

  • Timing cards

Boiler Gaskets:
  • Handhole

  • Manhole

  • Fiberglass tape

  • Fiberglass rope

  • High temp caulk

  • Gauge glass and washers

  • Flange

  • Site glass and gaskets

  • Burner head/door

Maintenance Items:
Safety and Limits:
  • Operating temp control

  • Operating steam control

  • Steam/HW high limit

  • Gas pressure switches

  • Safety relief valves

  • Probe/float LWCO

  • Temperature sensors

  • Outdoor sensors

  • O2 trim sensors

  • Filters

  • Chemical treatment

  • Tube brushes

  • Boiler tubes

  • Tube plugs

  • Baffles

Represented Brands:

Represented Brands_edited.png

Expert Service and Parts also available for:

Other serviced Brands_edited.png

We still have parts for these 'Vintage' brands:

Vintage parts_edited.png

Expert Service and Parts for Your System:

System parts_edited.png

Need More Assistance?

Let us help you find the right parts at the right price. Call us today to learn more or email Liza Cruz at

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