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Service by Factory-Trained Technicians

You can rely on Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company for service for all types of boiler room equipment. We invest heavily in training and education to ensure that our technicians are ready to maintain and repair any equipment we sell and any equipment in a boiler room.


New Equipment Services
(Newly arrived equipment in need of a great start)

Professional Start up and Commissioning:

Our highly skilled in-house technicians ensure flawless equipment operation, prioritizing safety and efficiency. We evaluate systems comprehensively during commissioning, including water quality testing, to prevent future issues. With our commitment to excellence, we’re proud to maintain the industry’s best equipment reputation.

Factory Warranty:

Mechanical equipment can experience component failures. Manufacturers typically cover these parts for one year from start-up or 18 months from shipment (whichever comes first). Our in-house service extends the parts warranty to include associated labor. For contractors and end users, this means we handle all paperwork, from diagnosis to repair. We remove the faulty component, order a replacement, and ship it back. If it’s an approved warranty situation, you won’t need to do anything!

New Customer Services
(Newer equipment care and safety)

Simple Maintenance Programs:

We specialize in efficient equipment maintenance, avoiding unnecessary services. Each job is treated uniquely, and we tailor a package to suit your needs. Rather than monthly visits, we focus on sensible plans that keep everything running optimally, safely, and efficiently. Sometimes, just one seasonal visit accomplishes this. Our knowledgeable staff can detect issues early, preventing catastrophic failures because we are experts in the boiler room and have no interest in a big 'contract' to service all your equipment. Trust us because choosing less experienced alternatives could lead to unnecessary failure or replacements.


Extended Warranty:

Amid today’s inflation, hourly rates have soared. However, peace of mind awaits when you leverage our expert service. Extend the original factory warranty for up to 5 years, covering both parts and labor, all at an exceptionally reasonable cost!

Contractor/Partner Services:
(Services that make our contractors win jobs, and look great!)

Receive, check, and store:

As one of the select firms with the capability, we receive major equipment at our warehouse. Upon arrival, we meticulously check and photograph each unit, ensuring all components are accounted for. You can store your equipment here for up to 2 weeks at no charge, and if you need more time, we offer a minimal charge per square foot. When you’re ready to pick it up and install it, we’ll safely load it and send it on its way!


Demonstration & Training:

Our goal is to empower self-sufficient contractors and end users. The less you rely on us, the better our equipment performs. We provide basic safe operation and maintenance training for end users, and we’re also happy to offer in-depth service and maintenance training with our contractor service techs. Whether in the field or at our new training center, we customize sessions to meet your needs. 

Needed Parts:

Sick of hunting down parts and comparing prices? Let us handle it for you. With thousands of parts for our OEM equipment, plus direct factory contacts, we swiftly track down what you need. Our focus on manufacturers means you skip the wholesale/distributor layer. Even if it’s not one of our manufacturers, give us a call—we’ll surprise you with how quickly and accurately we can get the part. Need advice before installing? Buy the part here, and our standard service includes expert guidance!  (DOWNLOAD OUR PARTS AND SERVICE LINE CARD)

Let's wear your uniform:

As Ohio’s Trusted Boiler Room PARTNER, we’re here for you! If combustion equipment makes you uneasy, let us handle it. We assist contractors with installations, diagnostics, and component replacements at a profitable rate. With our boiler room expertise, Spring and Summer are prime times to leverage our services. Don’t walk away from a job until you’ve called us in!  


We have combustion service down to a science!
(One call does it all!)

Our Services
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