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February Training

RME Welcomed SMACNA Cleveland for a great training session at our humble home!   Special thanks to Bob Russel from Security Chimney for this in depth look at proper application and code compliance as it refers to manufactured grease duct.

We look forward to seeing SMACNA Cleveland back in house soon.   Follow our training page for upcoming events this summer.

New Project: Garfield Hts.

Rapid Engineering proved over 25 years ago that it is possible to effectively heat an ice rink utilizing properly controlled direct fired air.  Not only were the comfort results amazing, the heating system went from less than 50% efficient to an amazing 99% efficient system utilizing the positive pressure low temp discharge concept.   This at a FRACTION of the cost of a dehumidification system. 


Here in 2023 The City of Garfield Heights replaced the older and smaller unit with a new 4000 series unit.  This unit offers them the same amazing comfort combined with unmatched web based control!

Kudo's to Rico and our service team for a seamless commissioning and start up process!

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RBI Torus Watertube Boiler & Water Heater

RBI Torus Watertube Boiler & Water Heater

Available in 1,250 - 4,000 MBH Torus boilers and water heaters bring next level performance in a small compact footprint to today's applications. The RBI tradition of high quality, performance equipment in a user-friendly design continues with Torus. Incorporating all industry-proven components including HeatNet 3.0 touchscreen cascade control and our Tru-Flow fuel/ air coupling system and capacities to 4000 MBH Torus has the solution for all commercial installations. Ease of Service Torus just may be the easiest piece of equipment ever to service. A unique burner door system provides easy access to both the burner and heat exchanger tube bundle. All burner doors come with a slide and hinge mechanism that easily slides outwards offering full access to the combustion chamber for annual inspection and service. Features and Benefits: 1250 - 4000 MBH +96.5% AHRI Certified Boiler Efficiency 4 Pass Double-Row Heat Exchanger (160 psi/ASME (H & HLW) Stamp) 316L Stainless Steel Variable Volume, Full Flow and Primary/Secondary Full Modulation (5:1 water heater / 5:1 boiler) HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Control Platform Touchscreen Programming and Diagnostics Modbus, LonWorks and BACnet BMS Integration Low NOx and CO Easy Maintenance and Installation Category II and IV (up to 160') PVC/CPVC, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel Vent Approved Website: Brochure: Technical Library: Training: Representative Locator: