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Service by Factory-Trained Technicians

You can rely on Roberts Mechanical Equipment Company for service for all types of boiler room equipment. We invest heavily in training and education to ensure that our technicians are ready to maintain and repair any equipment we sell and any equipment in a boiler room.

Industrial Parts

Professional Start up and Commissioning Service:

Our company boasts of a highly experienced ‘in house’ crew of talented technicians.  These techs are trained and authorized as direct factory service agents.  Our goal is to always provide the perfect start of our equipment to operate at the highest safe efficiency with minimal if any hiccups.  The idea is to eliminate return calls.   When we commission we are also evaluating the system as whole for proper application while also testing things like water quality to assure the owner they won’t have catastrophic failure down the road.   There is a huge benefit to in house services because our goal is to have the best equipment reputation in the industry.  You won’t be a priority when services as such are sub contracted.


Warranty Services:

Mechanical Equipment can and will, at times, have component failures.  Manufacturer’s cover those ‘parts’ typically for one year from start up or 18 months from shipment (whichever comes first).  Our in house service extends that parts warranty to include the associated labor.  What that means to contractors and end users is we will respond, diagnose, and repair your equipment while handling all of the cumbersome paperwork.  We remove the component, we will order the new component, and we will ship back the component that has failed.  If it’s an approved warranty situation, there will be nothing for you to do! 

Receive, check, and store:

We are one of the few representative firms able to receive most major equipment here at our warehouse.  When we take in your order, we will unload it, check it in, be sure all included components have arrived, and deem the unit ready to go to the site.  We will photograph the equipment and get you the check off list so you can file your stored equipment stage billing.  We will hold the equipment here up to 2 weeks at no charge.  If you need longer, we have a minimal charge per square foot while it is here.  Ready to pick it up and install it?  No problem, we will safely load it back up and send it on its way!


Training Services:

We are focused on having the most self sufficient contractors and end users.  The less you need us the better.  The less you need us, the better our equipment looks!   We will train the end user on basic safe operation and maintenance, but also happy to do an in-depth training on service and maintenance with our contractors service tech’s.  We train in the field, but we also welcome our customer to our new training center where we can customize a training session for you. 

Parts Services:

Tired of searching out parts to not only find them but then compare pricing?  Let us do the work for you.  We have thousands of parts for all our OEM equipment that we represent but also have key factory direct contacts to track down the part you need.  Our dealings are mostly with manufacturers so you benefit from the wholesale layer being removed.   Need part that’s not one of our manufacturers?  Give us a call and you’ll be surprised how quickly and accurately we can get you just what you need!   Want to speak to tech before deeming a part defective?  Before attempting the install?  Buy the part here and we will get you the advice you need as part of our standard service.

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Clock Gears

Customized Maintenance Programs:

We are focused on efficiently maintain equipment without unnecessary services.  We view each job as a unique maintenance situation and customize a package that is best for you.   You likely don’t need the monthly visits you are being quoted, but a sensible plan that keeps everything operating at an optimal pace, safely, and efficiently.  That can be accomplished sometimes in just one seasonal visit.  Also, we know our equipment, we know what to look for and our staff can detect issues before they become evident to anyone else.  This is how we avoid catastrophic failures.  We have skin in the game… we need you to recommend our equipment.  If you chose alternate service from a company not as experienced, the skin in the game could be to have you replace equipment that doesn’t need to be replaced.  We are here for you!


Confidence and Promise Programs:

Ask about marrying various equipment that we provide and why that single point responsibility will save you time, finger pointing, and ultimately money.  When you combine certain products that we know work to prevent premature failures, we always extend the warranty on the equipment from one year to 18 months.  Why is that a big deal?  Most equipment is installed just before heating season so naturally the warranty ends just before the next heating season.  We are so confident in our products and application that the 18 months will take you through the toughest parts of the following heating season.  Instead of thinking of warranty in terms of years, think of it in terms of ‘heating seasons’.  Not too many are confident enough to warrant their equipment through two heating seasons.. WE ARE!  Ask your account manager what marriages you can benefit from.   Still not enough for you, ask about our low cost extended warranties that can run as long as 5 years parts and labor!  

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